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Liquiflo Equipment Company is an international company that engineers, manufacturers and markets sealed and mag-drive, positive displacement pumps designed to meet the demanding needs of todays chemical processing industry.

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Endura by Liquiflo

Liquiflo’s ENDURA® Pumps are Group I & Group II ANSI-Dimensional Magnetically-Coupled Seal-less Centrifugal Pumps. These pumps were designed to meet the demanding needs of the chemical processing industry but will also handle many pumping applications, including those which require dry-running, pumping solids as well as high-temperature demands.

Liquiflo’s ENDURA® AB-Series is our Patented Air-Barrier Centrifugal Pump. This innovative revolutionary design was the recipient of the 1995 Vaaler Award. The ENDURA® AB can run dry indefinitely and handles solids - something no other pump in the industry can do.

The AB, (air-barrier) combines the best features of a standard sealed pump with that of a mag-drive pump, while eliminating the drawbacks commonly associated with these designs. This patented design makes the ENDURA® AB unlike any other pump in the industry.


The Aurora Model 3550 ANSI pump was designed to perform in the toughest industrial applications whether in the chemical, petro-chemical, mining, pulp and paper, consumer products or general industry.


Rotan internal gear pumps are widely used in industry for pumping chemicals, oils, and all kinds of liquids Pumps available in sealed, packed, and magnetically driven configurations.

The Rotan internal gear pump provides favorable flow conditions, because the direction of the liquid flow is only changed slightly through the pump. This means that superior self-priming capability and gentle liquid handling are achieved, and also that highly viscous liquids may be pumped.

DESMI now has inline vertical centrifugal pumps in single and double-suction versions. A high efficiency version is also available for low NPSH applications.

Hydra-Cell / Vector / Stancor

Wanner Engineering offers industrial pumps such as Solid Kynar Non-Metallic Centrifugal pumps, peristaltic and positive displacement pumps. Wanner Engineering pumps have proven their performance and reliability in some of the toughest industrial equipment and process applications.

Wanner also has a new "MK" series Kynar Non-Metallic Sealless Mag-Drive ANSI Centrifugal pump.

The impeller and inner magnet is a two-piece, enclosed assembly. When worn, the impeller can be replaced without replacing the magnetic drive which substantially reduces repair cost. Impellers can be trimmed in the field.


TRUFLO Pumps, Inc. manufactures a full range of quality pumps to meet our customers' many application demands for an ANSI process pump, an API pump, a metallic magnetic drive pump, a non-metallic magnetic drive pump, a self priming pump, or a slurry pump. These API pumps have the fastest delivery time in the industry - Single Stage units - 25 weeks & Multi-Stage units - 30 weeks. 

The TNP series is simple by design. All wetted parts are non-metallic to safely handle a generous range of corrosives and solvents up to 250°F (121°C) without corrosion. Our innovative rear casing generates no eddy currents thus eliminating heat generation and reducing energy costs.

Since these pumps are magnetically driven and sealless, there are no leaks, no emissions, no costly seal maintenance - no problems!


MTH Pumps is a commercial and industrial pump manufacturer serving a wide variety of markets and industries including boiler feed, condensate return, chillers / temperature controllers, water services, refrigeration, petroleum, as well as many chemical process applications.


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